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 New FullmetalAlchemist anime

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PostSubject: New FullmetalAlchemist anime   New FullmetalAlchemist anime Icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2008 11:06 am

New FullmetalAlchemist anime Up292329b
Last month, rumors came out that a new FullMetal Alchemist series was in the works, due to supposed leaked documents. But then Bones came out & said the papers were fake. However, they didn't outright deny it either, & MoonPhase was reporting that they had received a trustworthy tip several months earlier saying such a series was coming up.

Now MoonPhase is back & reporting that a new FullMetal Alchemist TV anime series has finally been officially confirmed, according to the latest manga volume in Japan. The second series will supposedly start airing in April 2009 in Japan & run for a year, making it the same length as the original series. The old rumor that the new series will follow the manga's storyline more accurately also seems to be holding for the time being as well. Though considering the first half of the original FMA anime was pretty close to the manga as is, I wonder how they'll avoid being derivative in respect to that part of the story.

Tx to nebstv for this info.

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New FullmetalAlchemist anime
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