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 Character List

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PostSubject: Character List   Character List Icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 5:54 pm

Character List Kingdomheartscharacters

The character list

I will be adding most of the main character here for the Roleplay.

The list will contain KH characters names and User rping as them.

Characters taken:

Sora - Sora
Riku - Sora
Ansem - Sora
Zexion - Zexion
XIII - Zexion
Chris Whitney - Bata

For the characters you are making yourself, please fill out this and post it in a new topic:

Name: (first and last)
Age: (limit on age is as young as 8 and as old as (depends on race life span I'll post that later)
Race: (Human/Nobody/Heartless) [Unbirth Race comming 2009]
World: (just say what group your from)
Class: (group class list~)
Description: (try to get 5 sentences, lowest you can go are three)
Personality: (same as above)
Bio: (at least 5 sentences, the more the better...and I'll rate you on how good it is. If it fails you must redo it.)
Weapon: (starting weapon, you can describe it and it's abilities.)
Level: 1 (don't alter this)

Like that.

Also if you have a pic of your character, please post it.

Hope this is fun you you all ^^

( I'll update this with the list of the characters later Razz )

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Character List
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