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 Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix)

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Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix) Empty
PostSubject: Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix)   Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 1:57 pm

As many of you might know, Nomura stated that Ven is NOT Roxas... but i found this:

--So my theory is about Ven. In my opinion I think Ven is somehow Roxas. Before you say anything, I KNOW THAT NORUMA SAID THAT THEY ARE NOT THEY SAME. BUT I think that somehow Ven becomes one with Sora, and Terra is the one who had done this. Maybe because something happened to Sora, Ven, or both of them, which caused them to become one.


The reasons that helped me come to this theory are from reading many different scans and putting them together. In some scans it has Terra talking to Master Xehanort and Terra says " I do have a friend." This could be Master Xehanort taunting Terra on what had happened to Ven (ie my theory of him becoming part of Sora). Also a scan had Terra making a deal with Maleficent, this could somehow play a part in this( not too sure).

Then I come to Kingdom Hearts, where Sora uses the Dark Keyblade to release Kairi's heart from within him. This is were Sora becomes a Heartless and his Nobody(ie Roxas) is released as well, or is it? This might be where Ven is released from Sora, since he was put in Sora. But being inside Sora, for a long time, not having any contact with anyone Ven might have forgotten who he is.

This is where i come to Kingdom Hearts II, in the Final Mix edition we see Roxas( or Ven) meeting Xemnas and he gives him his name however Roxas/Ven doesn't know who he is and accepts it. Then in the regular version of Kingdom Hearts II, with Sora's Battle with Roxas/Ven. Roxas/Ven says " Why did he choose you?". This could be actually Ven asking why Terra chose Sora to be the one Ven was in.

Well after reviewing some of the BBS cutscenes with subs, I have a theory of why Roxas/Ven was chosen to be put in Sora.

It seems during the Ven story, he forgets who he is and I have seen him talk to Master Xehanort. Ven says " Who are you?" and Xehanort replies " It seems that you're losing it. However, you haven't lost it permanently." This could represent Ven's memory. This happens in Olympus Coliseum. This could play a part in my theory.

Then there is a cutscene in Destiny Island, where Vens talks to Terra and says " We're friends... Therefore I wanted to ask you something. Erase me." This could be where Terra merges Vens heart with Sora's, because Terra was also watching a young Sora and Riku sword-playing. This could be how Terra chose Sora to be with Ven. --

As i said in the beginning of this post, Ven Is NOT Roxas, but what if Roxas is Ven?
Please comment your thoughts and idea's

Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix) Soraspathyu9Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix) ICONATOR_81c13d02487ddf0f73ed82f966cc29a3
Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix) Signtestih7Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix) ICONATOR_88f3a4542dc28690631ac736296ea84b
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Ven...Not Roxas But.. (Might be spoilers from Final Mix)
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