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 Sora's Character

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PostSubject: Sora's Character   Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:54 am

Name: Akira (Last name is unknown)

Age: 16

Race: Human

World: *Unknown*

Class: Sword user (Can't use Keyblade)

Description: Akria has blond hair and he is blind. Akria is also nicknamed Twin Headed Dragon for two reasons: one, because his techniques require two swords, the second is because of his two personalities. He is very queit and is normaly a calm person. He also wears a white shirt and blue pants.

Personality: One moment he can be docile, kind, and gentle, and in a flash, he can be a blood-thirsty killer. He don't like talking about his past, even tho he has forgotten most of it.

Bio: Akira was born in japan. He can't remember to have had any parents, but when akira was young, his village was attacked. Though Akira was very young and the only survivor, he refused to cry and instead faced the warriors who had destroyed his village with the intention of fighting them. The warriors was impressed with Akira's fighting spirit and adopted him, promising to make him the strongest man in the world...

Weapon: Akira uses two swords, called Chisakatana (小さ刀, lit. Small sword, one shorter than the second). His has a ability to control ice, and can freze anything if he want. Since Akira don't come from a Noble blood line, he don't have many special techniques. He is also extremely fast

Level: 1

NOTE: Ill start use this character when we get more users on the RP.


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Sora's Character
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